Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bollywood Meets Charlie's Angels

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Actually, this post's title doesn't mean much and is merely a reference to a conversation Auds and I had regarding the sweatband round my head (I insist that it's necessary to keep the hair out of my head).

Anyhow, I've long been enamored of the concept of "endorphins." For years I've heard tales of the "jogger's high," but never, in any form of exercise have I experience such a phenomenon firsthand. While I still haven't felt the jogger's high, I think I may have just felt endorphin withdrawal last night... I didn't go running yesterday, but awoke at 3:30am with a burn in my legs and a need to go running. I actually lay awake for more than an hour and half wishing I could go for a run to get the weird ache out of my legs. Went for a brisk run this morning, and sure enough everything feels back in order.

That's progress of some sort, no?

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Kevin said...

hmm... you stretching before you go to zzz's?
and that's nothing to do with a runners high :P you'll know when you get it ... the well being thing, where all is good in the running universe...